As the science of reasoning, modern logic has become a fruitful field of research where exact sciences, humanities, and social sciences can be successfully connected. However, learning mathematical logic turns out to be a challenging task for many students due to its formal and abstract nature. For this reason, in 1998, a group of logicians led by María Manzano developed an ALFA Project (América Latina Formación Europea) named «Tools for Teaching Logic» and supported by the European Union. As a result, four editions of the International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic have taken place since then (Salamanca 2000, Salamanca 2006, Salamanca 2011, and Rennes 2015).

The Department of Logic and Theoretical Philosophy of the Complutense University of Madrid—in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (SLMFCE), the Mexican Academy of Logic (AML) and the Center for Studies in Philosophy, Logic, and Epistemology (CEFILOE)—will organize the Fifth Edition of the International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic.

March 23-24, 2023
Complutense University of Madrid
Edificio Multiusos, Room 1216


REGISTRATION: There are no registration fees, but if you would like to attend please let us know at  <>


March 23 (Thursday):

10:00-11:00. M. Manzano (USAL): ALFA Project. Tools for Teaching Logic.
11:00-11:40. J. Villadsen (Technical University of Denmark): SeqCalc: A Tool for Teaching Logic in the Isabelle/HOL Proof Assistant

11:40-12:00. Coffee Break

12:00-12:40. C. Picazo, C. Saborido, J. González de Prado & U. Rivieccio (UNED): TAUT for Distance Learning
12:40-13:20. C. Benzmüller & D. Fuenmayor (University of Bamberg): Mathematical Proof Assistants for Teaching Logic: The LogiKEy Methodology

13:20-15:20. Lunch

15:20-16:00.C. Aguilera Ventura (IRIT), A. Yuste-Ginel (IRIT) & A. Burrieza (UMA): An Epistemic Model Checker for Educational Purposes
16:00-16:40. R. Villemaire (UQAM): Tools, Methods, and Purposes for Teaching Logic

16:40-17:00. Coffee Break

17:00-17:40. D. Faria (University of Porto): Teaching Logic within a Framework of the Epistemology of Virtues
17:40-18:40. C. Martínez Vidal (USC): Formal Tools in the Philosophy Curriculum: Logic and Beyond

March 24 (Friday):

10:00-11:00. J. Martínez (UB): Teaching Non-Classical Logics through Semantic Paradoxes
11:00-11:40. D. Macbeth (Haverford College): Teaching Logic Historically

11:40-12:00: Coffee Break

12:00-12:40: E. Dragalina (HSE): When the Form Matters: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Logic in Formal Philosophy
12:40-13:20: M. Penava (University of Zadar): Three Metaphors in Teaching Fitch Style Natural Deduction

13:20-15:20: Lunch

15:20-16:00: L. Moss (Indiana University): Variations on a Theme of ‘Starting Small’: Two Innovations in Logic Teaching
16:00-16:40: D. Mendonça & R. Dias (UNL): Using Lewis Carroll to Teach Logic in Portuguese High School

16:40-17:00. Coffee Break

17:00-17:40. J.-M. Castro-Manzano & M. Fraile-Galaz (UPAEP): Hylemorphy. A Game of Logic
17:40-18:40. A. Nepomuceno (US): Logically, Calculating Playing


– Víctor Aranda (Complutense University of Madrid)
– Elia Zardini (Complutense University of Madrid)
– Carmen López Rincón (Complutense University of Madrid)
– Ludovica Conti (University of Pavia/Complutense University of Madrid)
– Carlota García Llorente (Complutense University of Madrid)
– José Alejandro Fernández Cuesta (Complutense University of Madrid)
– Carlos Javier Villacís Hidalgo (Complutense University of Madrid)